Helping Small Businesses Persevere in a COVID-19 World

During this crisis, while our community is unable to leave their homes unless necessary, rideOS is helping local small businesses weather the storm and safely deliver food and other necessary goods to those complying with California Shelter in Place rules.

Introducing Adapt Delivery, a free program providing delivery services for local businesses. Businesses can now retain/compensate their employees and utilize the program in conjunction with or in lieu of conventional delivery platforms.

Adapt Delivery includes:

  1. 100% free usage of our routing and fleet optimization platform
  2. An online dashboard to input orders and monitor the status of each order
  3. An iOS driver app that provides routing directions and drop-off instructions

How it works

You will need to let your customers know that you’re taking orders over email or phone. Once your business has received an order, you input it into the free, rideOS-provided website. You’ll need to include the order’s pickup location (ex: your place of business), delivery location (ex: the customer’s address), and delivery instructions from the customer (ex: “Enter #1234 on the callbox to get into the building”). That order will be sent to the closest driver, who will pick up the order and deliver it to the customer as quickly as possible.

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Restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc, are all welcome! We’ll be in touch about next steps within the week.

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Program eligibility for small businesses:

You are:

You are a local Bay Area restaurant, bakery, cafe, grocery store, pharmacy, retail store, or establishment safely operating during Shelter in Place orders. Your orders do not have special handling needs, such as signature requirements or larger trucks.

Drivers will need to have access to an iPhone to run a rideOS-provided driver app.

What you get:

Completely free website to input orders, batch orders to customers close to each other together, and have the closest driver come pick up the order when it’s ready.

What happens after the 3 months:

Honestly, we are not sure yet. With all the uncertainty, we may extend the program beyond that point if the program becomes self-sufficient. For now, you have our promise to support the program until June 20.

Why are you doing this? What does rideOS get out of it?

As members of the San Francisco community, we’re heart-broken at the devastation that’s happening to our local businesses and their employees. We have an immense privilege to be able to work from home and to have the technology at our disposal to provide a service like this. We want to do as much as we can to help our local community weather this storm. Beyond feedback on our technology we won’t be receiving or taking any contributions — monetary or otherwise.